Get Rid of the 'Head Trash' that Keeps You Stuck

Permanently and easily eliminate unwanted behaviors and emotions that are holding you back from achieving your goals
- Vlad Solovetski,

Get Rid of the 'Head Trash' that Keeps You Stuck

Congratulations! You have finally found a program that will free you from a life-time of...

limiting beliefs  •  fears  •  invisible mental blocks  •  critical self-talk  •  unwanted behaviors  •  shame  •  guilt  •  anger  •  bad moods  •  debilitating compulsions  •  chronic avoidance  •  resistance  •  frustrations  •  self-sabotage  •  poor self-esteem  •  'mental garbage' that has been holding you back all of these years.

Persistent limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you are the major cause of failure to make lasting changes in your life. Fueled by fear, anxiety, resistance, uncertainty, procrastination and other 'invisible' forces...

...this head trash can keep you STUCK for years.

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My unique process will permanently eliminate these limiting beliefs in just a few sessions. You will experience a major shift. And within DAYS, you will start taking actions on your goals and your dreams.

You will overcome fears and you beat your 'demons' for good. Guaranteed!

100% Money-Back Guarantee
You will have a major change or breakthrough in this program, or you Pay Nothing.
No legal fine print. No conditions. No loopholes of any kind. You get to define what a major breakthrough is, not me.
Most coaching programs or therapies will run bankrupt if they even try to deliver on a guarantee like this.

They are designed to keep you paying and coming for more 'insights' and more 'talk'. We don't focus on 'fascinating' insights that produce no change, instead we provide efficient and permanent solutions to your problems.

Head Trash Gone™ Program is not a form of therapy, counseling, or consulting.

It's a powerful, 1-on-1 framework, 100%-tailored to every single participant. And that's how we are able to deliver on our big promise over and over again. And if, by any chance, you are not satisfied that you have achieved significant results within just a few sessions, just let us know and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Why I created Head Trash Gone . . . .

Now I want to tell you a story about how I got here . . . .

Prior to launching Head Trash Gone, I spent 15 years honing my chops as a successful marketing consultant.

VERY successful.

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A word from Christine McKay
"If it wasn't for Vlad's expert guidance and unending support, I would not be on the verge of exponentially growing my business."
— Christine McKay
CEO, Ven Negotiations
From our clients...

Julia Chikina

Wealth Management

The depth of analysis that we've done together was quite surprising to me. I did not expect that in such a short time we would peel so many layers. As we dug deeper, it all started to make sense. It was quite logical and very much catered to my specific needs and situation, not just some generic analysis of my personality or of what was working or not.

I've successfully dealt with a fear of change that was such a big issue for me for many years. I found that I was able to see major results fairly quickly (within weeks) culminating in a major career advancement. And more importantly, I was actually quite happy and at peace with the way it had taken place.

This program absolutely worked for me, and it continues to work months after. If you're looking for stronger and lasting results, I would definitely recommend going through this process. It is far deeper than any Personal Development or or Mindset program I've ever experienced.

Doug Wesney

Fortune 200 Executive

Vlad helped me identify where the blocks were inside me, my thinking and the way I was approaching challenging situations. I've developed the kin ability to effectively reframe problems and produce new wider perspectives almost instantly. These fresh perspectives allowed me to handle challenges with greater ease and clarity. Simply put, I've got equipped to handle all kinds of problems better!

I've discovered confidence in using my own authentic voice. This has resulted in better engagement and better response in all situations where I lead my groups.

This program is worth both the try... and success! I would unhesitatingly advocate for working with Vlad. The value I've received is something I will be able to capitalize on both personally and professionally for years to come.

Joe Foley


You gave me a gift of Presence, Clarity, Hope and Vision.

Your ability to always understand what I said is truly remarkable. You can restate my random spontaneous thoughts into simple statements, that lead me to sort out and clarify my thoughts and my feelings completely. I love your smile and presence in every interaction. I believe your deep listening skill are a true superpower!

When you combined your passion, skill and experience in matters of the heart and mindset with your vast perception ability and intuition you gave me invaluable insights into how I can make tiny steps each day towards an abundant future filled with a vision of hope.

Jonathon Barbato


This program was easy, simple and yet in the same time, profound. In my business the marketing was stuck, it's not anymore. We are moving forward. Financially, this meant more revenue and more subscribers for our channel. It's really about the amount of energy in the day that is devoted to the right stuff now. Emotionally, this lightened me up.

I would totally recommend this program because it is a simple and effective way to get to the core of what's really up, without a whole lot of headiness and thought - just getting to the core of it and getting through it and . . . . the long lasting effect is amazing. Like unbelievable!

This program totally works!

Dr. Mostafa Salama

Physical Therapist, Author & Radio Host

As a business owner and a prolific action taker who started from negative bank account and made it all the way up, I was doing pretty good. Then I felt stuck my journey.

After just a couple of months...

I am thinking better. I am making better decisions. I don't feel that I'm held back by anything.

I have discovered balance in my life. It's no longer just work 24/7 - I take care of myself both mentally and physically. I just chill on the weekends (I used to not do anything but work 7 days a week). I'm doing things I really enjoy. I'm no longer scared being around people who are more successfull or wealthier than me, something that used to impact my business greatly.

If you're skeptical, I urge you to give it a try. Because success is an internal job, and if you have internal blocks, you will not achieve what you are meant to achieve.

One of the things in my life that I am proud of is our work together. I can't thank you enough for all the help and support that you provided me.

Scott Harvey


Vlad was so perceptive and so insightful, which is what you want when you're digging deep and really trying to understand where people are and what they need in their specific situation.

I really appreciated the fact that this wasn't just some cookbook or a checklist you were going down with me. You truly took the time to process and digest things, and really made it extremely personalized for me. You really cared as you took the time to understand what I was going through instead of just rushing through it at a surface level. The things that you were able to pick up on and pull out in our discussion, just makes me believe that you have a special gift.

This was just such a great experience and a breakthrough. I have pretty high expectations in general for coaching and consulting, but when it goes just above and beyond, and it's just truly top notch, I want to really acknowledge that.

I've never seen anybody be able to do something quite like this, have such great results and then set up a plan of what to focus on going forward in this relatively short amount of time. So it was just absolutely fantastic! I truly think anybody would be lucky to get some time with you to go over their stuff.

Jeff Keen

Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator

In just 2 one-hour sessions, I found that permanent change happens in an instant not months or years. Self-doubt and limiting-action negative thoughts are gone. After decades of struggles, I have an amazing new perspective! You have allowed me to move past an insurmountable obstacle and see a clear path forward.

David Kimbell

Entrepreneur, Consultant

The change in myself and my own mental health has been remarkable! I'm finally able to put my finger on issues that have been holding me back for decades. If you are not getting the results in life, in business or any other pursuits that you want this program will help.

Katrin Maslenkova

Entrepreneur, CPA, CA

A lot of personal breakthroughs during the program came as a result of being able to go directly to the source of the issues and tensions that caused major friction in my personal life (including self-esteem and self-confidence). I was able to eliminate those issues and create positive inspiration "Hey, I actually feel different: I am better for myself and better for my partner. I'm excited for what's to come!" Anybody who's got chance to work with Vlad is extremely lucky. I'm very grateful for your help!

Dmitri Sennikov

Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant

My resistance to starting things that could mean rejection is gone. I am finally able to ask for things I need and want. That is quite a powerful thing! Work with Vlad gave me and my partner the foundation and tools to see what new adventures we can get into and what new experiences we can have. We got our confidence, we got our own self-worth, we got our head trash figured out! Now we can approach each other as whole beings and support each other fully. It really opened our relationship to the new possibilities and adventures.

Lisa Murphy

Life Coach

As a Life Coach myself, I was looking for a certain caliber of coach to work with on my own personal development journey. Vlad helped me to clarify some of the core limiting beliefs holding me back in my life. His responsive, caring and natural approach instantly creates trust and rapport letting you know you are in capable hands.

By the end of our time together I felt like an important shift had taken place inside me. The core limiting beliefs I had carried around for most of my life were no longer there. They no longer felt true for me and I'd finally been able to let them go.

I felt 'lighter', 'free' and more empowered to take the next important step forward in my career and in life.

There are some things in life worth the investment and coaching with Vlad is one of these things.

Stephen N.

CEO of a Tech Company | United Kingdom

My previously long held beliefs about certain things were dismantled one by one in record time. I finally have significantly clearer mind, completely uncluttered with negative self-talk.

Anger disappeared from my life completely. I've started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier which is something I've been trying unsuccessfully to achieve for years. I now dedicate time for myself, I give permission to just stop, let the world go by and work on self without any guilt or frustrations.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this program because many people suffer from the same kind of head trash as I did. This program totally works! You will be happier and the world would be a better place if more people had access to this work.

This has made an enormous difference to my day-to-day life, to my home life and to my relationships with my family and kids.
What I Fix
our clients have completely eliminated...
Lack of Self-Worth & Self-Esteem
Self-deprecating thoughts  •  Self-criticism  •  Lack of confidence  •  Low self-regard  •  Feeling not worthy of love, money, success etc  •  Resistance to pursuing dreams or making important life changes
Inabilities & Inadequacies
Feeling inadequate  •  Imposter syndrome  •  Putting others needs before yours  •  Putting self on the back-burner  •  Resistance to getting started  •  Inability to focus or finish projects  •  Inability to set or accomplish significant goals
Sabotage & Blocks
Self-sabotage  •  Relationship sabotage  •  Avoiding personal, business or relationship growth  •  Being in the way of your success  •  Over-thinking  •  Difficulties making choices  •  Financial blocks
Bad Moods & Habits
Feeling defeated  •  Feeling powerless  •  Feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled  •  Feeling stuck  •  Feeling stupid  •  Feeling sad or depressed  •  Perfectionism  •  Procrastination  •  Seeking other's approval
Fears & Anxieties
Fear of rejection  •  Fear of failure and making mistakes  •  Fear of risk and taking  •  Anxiousness around criticism  •  Conflict avoidance  •  Fear of public speaking or social situations  •  Worrying about what others think of you
Anger, Power-Dynamics & Control
Anger and rage issues  •  Lack of trust in others  •  Troubles delegating or letting go  •  Frustrations and resentment  •  Inability to set boundaries  •  Inability to say No (the yes-man syndrome)  •  Difficulty speaking up
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